Dance & Sing with Christmas Jollybeans!

Kuala Lumpur , 13 Apr 2017

It was a fun and exciting Christmas for all shopping goers of One Utama Shopping Center! 

With special appearances by a group of bright, vibrant and colourfully dressed performers, the Christmas Jollybeans brought the crowd a dynamic and highly-energetic show with their catchy twirls & swirls and jolly tunes! 



Talented entertainers; they have impressive dance moves, wonderful vocals and crowd engagement skills which makes the entire show enjoyable from the start till the very end. They are extremely energetic, merry and lively individuals that make the crowd feel upbeat and unwind throughout the show.


Being versatile as well, they can even transform into beautiful Santarinas and cute elves. Many audiences were really excited to see the performers with the different costumes which brought the show to a perfect ending! 



The show does not just end here, the cheery Jollybeans passed around candies to their audiences after show in the spirit of Christmas & giving happiness. The crowd of all ages especially kids were so excited and happy when they get the candies from the performers!



The Christmas Jollybeans will guarantee your crowd an awesome day surrounded with happy and cheerful atmosphere!


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