Fancy Meeting Mr Obama?

Kuala Lumpur , 31 May 2017

By hook or by crook, they all look just the same!

Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Charlie Chaplin or Mr. Bean, name it and you'll get it! Don't get us wrong, we are talking about their impersonator...
These look-alikes are so indistinguishable that they are always mistaken for the real person. If you are looking for someone "well-known" and entertaining to vibe up your event, these professionals will go all out to make everyone believe that they are who they are and who they want to be. 


1. Obama Impersonator

Need not much of description about how much he lookalike with the President of the United States. But he is totally a much more humorous version of the POTUS. He is an actor and entertainer that has the president’s closest natural lookalike. Aside from his physical resemblance to the President, he has been able to make it through hard work, talent, and commitment in learning to impersonate the President’s behavior and voice to great effect that it's unbelievable they are two different persons!




2. Donald Trump Impersonator

Donald Trump Impersonator, obviously impersonating Donald Trump is his best talent and it is something he would definitely nailed it. He is the only one that best defines Trump not just because of his personal appearance but also his voice which he had been practicing over the years. Donald Trump always talks the way he is, which made him- Trump. 

A little tip when you meet him: Do not expect him to be serious because once he talks, you are going to laugh till you drop!




3. Bean & Charlie

For the young and the old, “Mr Bean” and the iconic character Charlie Chaplin are both well-known characters loved by all. Laugh away and join in the wacky antics by Mr Bean as he mimes, acts and others combined with Charlie's funny blunders, magical tricks and entertaining gimmicks.

This dynamic and quirky duo ensures to thrill your event with their comic presence and hilarious shenanigans. They will be a sure hit with everyone; families, friends and clients!


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