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Kuala Lumpur , 09 Jun 2017

From music festivals to concerts, New Year celebrations and corporate events, these lady DJs have always been the top choice and highly sought-after by their fans worldwide! Incorporating popular party hits with their enthusiastic performance, it's a whole night of dancing and grooving till you drop.


1. DJ N.Z


As one of Ukraine’s sexiest and most in demand DJs, it is no surprise that DJ N.Z was placed as the world’s Top 4 Female DJ in according to the World Top Girls DJ 2012. She has played over 462 successful shows in her home country and internationally has toured 26 countries where she has built a wide and loyal fan base. Also a sound producer, DJ N.Z is a genius when it comes to producing mixes which are broadcast in many top radio stations and are top charters in radio stations all over Asia, Europe and Africa.


2. DJ Saxxy


Being the one and only female combination of DJ and instrumentalist Australia wide; DJ Saxxy is indeed the pride of Australia's entertainment industry. It is no ordinary or usual instrument that has been seen in the DJ spinning world, DJ Saxxy plays the sexy instrument – Saxophone. With her incredible DJ mix of genres like EDM, Commercial Dance, House and many more together with her special ingredient – Sax, she caught the attention of overseas fans and became one of Australia’s finest exports. 


3. DJ Blissy


With a raw talent for spinning tables, this South Australian beauty has got pulses racing and hands jumping across dance floors both locally and internationally! Since she started out her DJ career, she has been blessed with some of the greatest opportunities having worked with EDM’s biggest names and toured internationally in Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Taiwan. DJ Blissy gets her crowd going with her mixes of R&B, hip hop, Top 40s, commercial, dance and electro house music – all of which are guaranteed to keep the people dancing non-stop until the early morning! 


4. DJ Gery


A self-taught DJ, DJ Gery has been successful venturing into this side of music not many females go to and has been performing both locally and internationally where she drove the crowd crazy in Singapore, Cambodia and Maldives with her unique turntable style. One of the highlights of the career includes spinning records at the X Top Model Secret Party in Kuala Lumpur. Not to mention that she was recently nominated for Best Female DJ 2012 by Choon’s Awards! 


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