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Kuala Lumpur , 21 Jul 2017

Picking the right wedding music band to complement your wedding theme and set up the ideal atmosphere might just make your once in a lifetime wedding perfect. However, the wide selection of live bands might not be very helpful. Here’s some tips if you are in a dilemma:



For garden weddings, solo harpist is enough to make your wedding sweet and dreamlike; for beach-style wedding, ukulele or pure instrumental band will be a soft hum in the background, keeping to the rustic and minimalistic theme.

If you are playing with the princess themes, string quartets will marinate the air with their angelic melodies, a great way to set a fairy-tale tone to the wedding. (Please click below image to view video.)




Go for an English Jazz Pop band if you want to see your audience all hyped up. You will find yourself immersing in a repertoire full of old school jazz that will remind you the taste of true love, and then jumping to the current hits. Vanessa from V-Mode for one, will serenade the audience giving them a memorable time at your wedding.




Chinese instrumental will definitely set the ambience for an oriental Chinese wedding. It is simplistic yet sophisticated and not unexciting. SILK for one, uses traditional Chinese instruments to play current songs, jazz and even rock pieces! They will definitely keep things fresh and interesting.



The other type to opt for is the sexy and classy Shanghai Jazz bands. It is a crossover of traditional and modern entertainment. It is also great for making your guest groove to the sultry tune.




For conventional Chinese weddings, variety Chinese live band will appeal to any guests. They will fill the air with sweet catchy, cheesy tunes to romance your wedding; your guests will be able to enjoy some lovey-dovey songs in celebration of your special day. They will definitely win the heart of the audience and nail your preference with their extensive repertoire.


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