5 Fun Facts about Oktoberfest!

Kuala Lumpur , 16 Aug 2017

Oktoberfest is not all about Munich beer, although it is a crucial element. Because there are more to Oktoberfest than beers. Here are the 5 things you might find during Oktoberfest!


1. Chicken Dancing


Identifiable by its awkward flapping, and silly wiggles, almost no one doesn’t know what the Chicken Dance is. Everyone will be drawn to dance the moves, to have fun, and be unguarded for a moment. The Chicken Dance has been a must in the annual Oktoberfest since two decades ago so it wouldn’t be Oktoberfest if there was no Chicken Dance.


2. Biggest Traditional Costume Parade


On the first Sunday of Oktoberfest, the Costume and Riflemen’s Parade take place. With over 8000 performers dressed in traditional costumes with horses and floats, the Munich streets will bring you back to historical times. Because where ever you go, you will see people in Lederhosen and Drindl and other traditional clothing.


3. Ferris wheels and Fun Game Booths


While all the adults are having fun with their big mug of beer, all the kids will be drawn to the exciting game booth, haunted house, roller coaster rides, Ferris Wheel and many more fun stuffs. No one will be left out during this annual festival.


4. Games and Family Activities


It’s all about having fun! Countries all around the world plan their own sets of games for participants to fully immerse themselves in Oktoberfest. An example of a fun contest some host is a Stein Hoisting contest, where contestants are asked to hold a glass stein full of liquid with their arm stretched 90-degree, parallel to the ground without spilling the content.


5. Oktoberfest Music


Enjoying beer and music, what a bliss! Popular folk music, marches and polkas can be heard throughout the festival, as it creates the life and the oomph of the festival. But that’s not all… popular music can still be found among some booths too. Just dance to the music but don’t spill your beer!



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