Voice of Timeless Elegance

Kuala Lumpur , 05 Dec 2017

Add a touch of classic elegance to your luxurious venue with our stylish and sophisticated beautiful songstresses serenading favourites such as Jazz, RnB, Bossa, Pop and more..


1. Maria 

An unexpected and unusual vocal style of Maria; an organic combination of authentic traditions of rhythm-and-blues and folk. Her honey voice that will soon become recognizable from the waves of Ukraine with winning combination of a memorable voice and soulful song presentation that won the hearts of many audience.

Maria’s voice has been known as seductive and mature, which emotional songs are mostly her champion choice in concert halls from the Lviv Opera to major music events in Spain. She always convey her songs with full of optimism and emotion like the time when she rehashes Beatles’ edition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" proves that Maria is great at connecting with the audience through her singing.



2. Paris

Hailing from Alabama, Paris started her music career young by attending the Alabama School of Fine Arts where she studied music and dance. She performed at The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, The Carver Theatre, The Workplay, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, and various other venues as a young performer. 

With deep passion for music, she has travelled and performed all over the South East in the Unites States and internationally in many other countries honing her skills and experience. Her style of music is eclectic, there are no limits to her preference which range from Jazz, Rock, Pop to Blues. Paris aspires to continue to embark upon her love of music in the United States and beyond by connecting to ever evolving business minded musicians. 



3. Verity

Verity is a beautiful and professional vocalist of the music world from the United Kingdom who has years of experience as a performer. It has helped in shaping up the muse flowing out from her singing soul and her desire to entertain her captivated audiences. 

She performs with all of her body and soul; her rich and sentimental emotions dwells wonderfully with songs coming out from her tongue. Classy, elegant, relaxing and simply beautiful, all these make the combination of Verity’s singing style which is always breath-taking. 

With her keeping up to date repertoire and versatility to carry numerous music genres, this muse will surely steal your heart!



4. Tiffany

Vibrant vocalist Tiffany is an excellent international entertainer who has been traveling the Caribbean and Asia, gracing stages in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Bangkok, Kyoto, Chengdu and Beijing with her electrifying performances of Jazz, R&B and Musical Theatre. She mesmerises audience with her vivacious interpretations of jazz and popular standards. Her performance is simply unbeatable! 

Tiffany has an immense stage presence and performs the vocals like a diva.  Having previously performed in China, her interest in Chinese culture has led her to learn to speak and sing in Mandarin.  Her talents have made her performance experience spans across live shows such as Chicago The Musical China Tour, The Golden Mickey's (Premiere) and Hercules The Muse-ical by Disney Cruise Line and many more. You will feel her heartbeat as you experience every song that she sings and every move that she brings!



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