Kuala Lumpur , 24 Sep 2018

Appeared and featured as one of the songtrack singers in 'Crazy Rich Asians', her voice was described as soft and sensuous by The Guardian, 2009 with a unique fusion of traditional folk tunes harmonized with contemporary Jazz styling. 



Hailing from Shanghai, China - this Jazz songbird is recognized as Shanghai's most captivating singer cum songwriter that represents a rare instance of old fashion sophistication. She was born into a family of professional folk dancers and actors, where initially was groomed to be a concert pianist. But she fell in love with Jazz while studying in the prestigious Leeds College of Music in England and decided to follow this passion, bringing China’s rich musical heritage into the world of Jazz upon her return back home.


She has since become one of China’s leading figures in the Jazz scene, combining Western songs with original Chinese lyrics. Her unique perspective introduces one world to the other, bridging a gap between traditional Chinese songs and the West’s Jazz legacy, along with the forgotten folk songs and contemporary Jazz singing. 



This rare talent for moving between two worlds and picking the best of what they have to offer has gained her a strong following from both Chinese and Western audiences. Some of her collaborations includes many great names in the music scene around the world like Jeff Peterson, Bobby Chen Sheng, Jeremy Monteiro and more. 


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