I love Jazz! How do I book a great Jazz band?

A lover of Jazz music and want to know how you can book the best Jazz bands or Jazz singers around town? We've got you covered! Click in now to read more.

Kuala Lumpur  •  08 Aug 2018   •

Enchanting Harpist for Valentine's!

Serene, sweet melodies serenading your day away with delightful experience by our classy and elegant harpists..

Kuala Lumpur  •  01 Mar 2018   •

A Fantastic Ending to 2017!

It was a great celebration in 2016, we had an even better countdown bash last year welcoming 2018 with wonderful line-up of talents (party bands, DJs, festive shows, etc)!

Worldwide  •  09 Feb 2018   •

Voice of Timeless Elegance

Add a touch of classic elegance to your luxurious venue with our stylish and sophisticated beautiful songstresses serenading favourites such as Jazz, RnB, Bossa, Pop and more..

Kuala Lumpur  •  05 Dec 2017   •

Exploring Asia: The Legendary Moon Festival

Moon Festival, or more generally known as Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner, we believe everybody is excited and getting ready to celebrate this meaningful festival with your friends and family.

KL  •  29 Sep 2017   •

5 Fun Facts about Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is not all about Munich beer, although it is a crucial element. Because there are more to Oktoberfest than beers. Here are the 5 things you might find during Oktoberfest!

Kuala Lumpur  •  16 Aug 2017   •

Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Picking the right wedding music band to complement your wedding theme and set up the ideal atmosphere might just make your once in a lifetime wedding perfect. However, the wide selection of live bands might not be very helpful.

Kuala Lumpur  •  21 Jul 2017   •