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Difference between Celebrity Endorsement & Influencer Marketing

Tuesday, 16 June 2020 15:19 Read 5218 times

Today’s marketing environment is evolving at a lightning-fast speed. It seems impossible to stick to a marketing strategy because of how rapidly ideas, tastes and needs are growing these days. Celebrity endorsements have always been an effective method of catching public interest in a product or service. Yet, the recent marketing trend has different opinions as to the advent of social media marketing and advertising; influencer marketing has started to emerge as a viable way to build a brand’s reputation and awareness.


Celebrity endorsement is to use the fame of a celebrity to get massive excitement about a brand or a product from local or even worldwide. And, celebrity endorsements can provide valuable exposure to the brand with their physical beauty, mental dexterity and other skills. When this fame is attached to something, people who idolize these celebrities and want to associate with them, go out to buy this product. Moreover, celebrity endorsement has the potential to expand the reach to more platforms such as TV, radio, and social media.

Influencer marketing creates buzz around a brand or product using word-of-mouth with reliability and credibility. KOLs are the specialists in creating and delivering an authentic message to their audience by using a product or even just displaying it causally in their videos or pictures, to showcase their trust in it. Their followers usually follow up with a purchase, even if it is just to see what their favourite people include it as a part of their image.

On the other hand, influencer marketing can target a particular audience. From fashion, travel, fitness, lifestyle, beauty and more are very e-commerce rich categories with plenty of KOLs doing some outstanding work in these areas. You may further break down their audiences by location and demographics, making sure that your targeted buyers get the message loud and clear with incredible contents created by the KOLs or digital marketing expert agency.

Influencers are more than just their online personas, they are creative people. And they know exactly what the audiences want to hear and see. They can be an integral part of the campaign creation and execution processes. This often leads to influencer marketing campaigns that are highly personalized and cohesive.

Marketing experts may not have a consensus on that answer, but one thing’s for sure is influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements are two very different options for brands that are looking for ways to expand their marketing campaigns. These options have very different functions and generate very different results.

To work with an influencer or a celebrity, it doesn’t matter; just have to make sure that you pick the right person. They should be able to align their voice with your vision for your brand and promote your objectives in as sincere a manner as possible. Get this right with us, the ultimate Influencer Agency Malaysia with great management skills to enhance your marketing tools!

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