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The Born of Vertical Concert

Wednesday, 18 November 2020 08:40 Read 6034 times

The world is consistently changing every minute, and now with the pandemic in the midst, the world needed a rapid change, and it is our responsible to adapt to the changes. A major talent agent has predicted with the way things are going regular touring and concerts will not return till the year of 2022, and humans is less likely to live without entertainment as entertainment play a major role in our daily lives to keep us entertain. To adapt this situation, many Event Organisers and Event Planners are creating virtual & drive-in concerts to provide the live concert ambience while practicing social distancing to stay safe. Recently, Vertical concert has been talking socially distance crowds in Ukraine by storm. Vertical concert is a fresh idea where the entertainment will be taking place at a space where the attendees can watch from the balconies of their hotel rooms stacked on top of one another.


Due to the pandemic, all live entertainment is either canceled or postponed and it causes majority of live entertainment fans upset and disappointed having them to wait till the pandemic is over to go to a live event. Yet with vertical concert, fans could go and enjoy a live event while having a stay with friends and family.

Vertical concert can provide a different experience compared to normal concert as the idea of it is still rare and fresh compare to live concert. Furthermore, it could also be the new way of organising a concert in the future as it is special and still able to provide the ambience of live concert while staying save in your hotel.

Participating in a vertical concert can kill two birds with one stone as not only you get to listen to live music, but accommodation will be included as well. By this way, attendees don’t have to book for a hotel separately when going to a concert. Attendees can just purchase a concert ticket and watch from their balconies of their hotel.

Vertical concert is definitely to be one of the best and newest concert ideas in recent years as not only it helps social distancing, but it also provides people that love live entertainment event an alternative to satisfy their needs and love for the event till concert back again.

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